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Planning Celebrations

This project planner may be used to collect your thoughts, analyze your media needs, and select a vendor. Careful planning is the key to meeting your objectives.

What objectives will be met by this project?

In one or two sentences, describe the overriding goal of the project. For example, the purpose may be to inform, to entertain, to teach, to sell, to motivate, to celebrate. Secondary goals tend to dilute the effort so selection of a primary goal is helpful.

Of what value will this project be to your organization/corporation?

Describe the benefits of the project to your employees/members and shareholders/stakeholders.

Are there any obstacles?

Obstacles may be timeline, budgetary, attitudinal, distribution, legal, or multiple audiences.

The Audience - describe who will view the program or make use of the project elements.

Who are they? Men/women/age/occupation/education level
Knowledge Describe the audience's level of knowledge related to the topic
Attitude Describe the audience's attitude related to the topic

The Setting

Will the audience members view the program alone, in a group, with/without a facilitator, interactively? Does it need to tie in with other promotional elements such as posters, events, press relations, company newsletters?

After viewing this program the audience should:


Other media?

Are other media available to distribute the message? Will print collateral be used to supplement or support?

Project shelf life

For how long will the program be used? Will it be archived? Used and eliminated? Updated periodically?

Measuring results

How will you know if you've accomplished your goals? What measurable indicators exist? Who will be interested in or use the results?

Technical Advisors

The name, title, phone, and e-mail of project approvers, subject matter experts, typical audience members, key resources.


Projects can be created within specific budgets - or budgets can be created for specific projects. Which method is appropriate for your organization/corporation?

Sources of Information Be prepared to offer the following information:

Video/film/multimedia on topic or related topic?
Photographs or artwork?
Employee communications/newsletters that apply?
Annual reports?
Marketing brochures?
Corporate anthologies?
Corporate TV News program or magazine articles?

Locations to visit/tour

Are there any locations which should be viewed to provide background or give structure to the message. If so:

Location contact telephone # and e-mail:


Are translations required for worldwide distribution? Will multiple distribution formats be used (video, CD-ROM, film, print)? Number of copies?

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