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What's New

We've completed production on a new film called "Going, Going, Digital," and are currently developing two nonfiction series for cable television. We'll announce news about several new corporate projects when the contracts are finalized. Robert Goodman won a Silver Reel for Scriptwriting in the International Television Associations 30th Annual Video Festival - the world's toughest video competition with a script written for Best Buy Corporation.

Chris Jones has finishen her term as President of the International Television Association. We're glad to have her back here running the show. Robert Goodman is co-chair of ITVA's Conference Planning Committee for 1999.

Robert Goodman became a contributing writer for Videography Magazine in August and is a regular contributor to The Independent Film & Video Monthly. He recently wrote a series of dramatic programs for CoMed Communications, proposals for Maxus Media, MindWorks Multimedia, and produced programs for Learning Discoveries. Goodman is also revising his contribution for the second edition of The Guide to Digital Television, which will be published in Marchl 1999 by PSN.


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